Monica's yoga journey began in 2009 when she started experiencing intense pain from a developing knee injury.  After listening to her body she decided it was time to find a form of exercise that was not high impact in order to heal.  It was then that she decided to give yoga a try, thinking that it would help stretch and promote faster healing for her knee injury and get her back into high impact sports training again.  It wasn't long before she began to feel the restorative healing effect that the yoga was having on her body but more importantly she realized that there was a deeper impact to be gained from her practice than just physical.  Monica was lucky to study with a few very inspiring teachers in Los Angeles (Kate Duyn Cariati and Ally Hamilton) who began to challenge her to take an introspective approach in order to gain a clearer understanding and awareness of her true motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.  For the first time she began to look internally for answers and although her yoga practice was initially more of a physical outlet, the more she gave to her practice on the mat, the more she felt a sense of clarity and contentment off of the mat and in her daily life. Yoga has been confrontational, revealing and healing for Monica.  She is passionate about sharing this practice with others in the hopes that she can help facilitate the same positive shift in another person's life the way her teachers and mentors have done for her.  Monica's sequences are designed for all levels of yogis to achieve a sense of self-awareness, opening in the body and connection to breath through movement.  She leads a well rounded class with a sense of structured-playfulness while maintaining a safe yet challenging environment.   Monica also loves to incorporate fluid movement and creative transitions into her flow using her dance background as inspiration for a fresh perspective on this traditional practice.  


"My goal is to promote curiosity within your own practice to help you find your edge and maybe play with pushing those limits to continue to grow on and off the mat."


~ Monica Moss


Monica received her 200 RYT Yoga Alliance Certification from Yogis Anonymous with trainers Ally Hamilton and Kate Duyn Cariati, and completed a 50 hour Laughing Lotus Chakra Certification with Kate Duyn Cariati and Ali Cramer.